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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  January 3, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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party will remain strong and vibrant. >> sean: thank you for being with us. from a of us here at hannity, we hope you have a great new year. have a great night. >> tonight live and at large what price for a kidney for these two imprisoned sisters it not only means life it means freedom. haley barber suspending their sentence for armed robbery on the condition that one donates her kidney to the other. boy do we have a lot to say about that. >> i don't think there's ever closure. whoever came up with that concept is an i am bus sill. >> a man convicted of murdering
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william pettitte's family three years ago but it's still not over. the second defendant is scheduled to go on trial next month. >> is there a serial killer on the lose in new york? four bodies found on stretch of beach in long island all police know at this point is the victims are all women. >> you know what mean is now don't you? don't call me mean. >> you are very joel louse. >> i would like to show you what mean really is. >> we are not through with mel bib son. there's ugly drama between brave heart and ex lady love and mother of his child. charlie, charlie, charlie. what are you doing? all that fame and fortune and yet such spectacularly bad judgment. we spare no one tonight as we take a look back at the year in crime. stand by we are live and at large and around the world.
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>> you are watching geraldo at large. geraldo has the night off. the police and the course had a very busy year and no doubt 2011 will be just as bad. we begin with the two sisters in mississippi who were convicted of stealing $11s in an armed robbery. they have served 16 years of a life senescence. one nee is on dialysis. haley barber created a firestorm when he announced he will grant early release on the two sisters under the conditions gladys donate her kidney to jamie. our panel is chomping on the bit here. we have defense attorney and criminal defense attorney and former president prosecutor. good evening. >> good evening. >> what did you think when you heard this story? >> fascinating. no other case in this history
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would ever come to this level a a sentence will be suspended due to a medical donation. >> unprecedented. >> keep in mind the sentence was barbaric. you have to question whether this is politics or human it may be bee a little bit of both. >> you are talking the original sentence because of the $11 robbery. >> double life sentence. >> the actual robbers got less than 3 years. >> it came from a judge. came down from a judge who is known for being overly harsh on african americaamericans. >> no question i think consecutive life sentences in a case like this is unduly harsh. that being said the fact that it was an $11 robbery i never understood that. if you commit an armed robbery you only cover a small amount of proceed that mitigates the crime. >> you don't think it should serve as a factor in mitigatimi. >> the reason we deal harshly with armed robbery when you
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stick a shotgun in someone's face -- >> these aren't girl scouts of america. >> but the risk that comes with that of unintended continues whenss including death is quite serious. the plaintiff had $11 instead of $1,100. >> if you had in a front of a different judge they could have gotten probation. >> there is a disparity depending which judge. >> that's what this case highlights across america depending on where you commit the crime which state you are going to be sentenced differently. >> that's the biggest criticism. the biggest criticism is -- >> you recognize the sovereignty of our states f. you commit a crime in a state as long as it's not a federal crime you are subject to penal law. >> each defendant should be treated similarly. >> they went in there with the
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intent to do armed robbery have a shotgun people could have lost their loifs. they didn't factor that in. they didn't know whether they were going to get $11 or $11,000 they went in with the intent to commit a crime which is a felony especially when you are armed. >> a seiko or a rolex. >> there were murderers given lighter sentence than these two women. that's the disparity from state to state. >> maybe that's why the governor is intervening saying you cut it open give her a kidney and we will let you out. >> it's a unique approach. very proactive. >> i say a unique guy. >> the next story the horrific home invasion in connecticut. a jury sentence last month for the brutal murders of jennifer hawk pettitte and her two daughters horrified the nation. the other defendant in the case is scheduled to go on trial next month. given the first verdict how
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comfortable do you think he is? >> this guy is going down. he is the alleged more sociopath than hayes was. part of the strategy was to offer to the jury usings and writings of the codefendant to show this is the really bad sociopath. reserve the death penalty for this guy not our guy. that back fired. >> it didn't work. >> i have to say we are all prosecutors, defense attorneys, we see a lot. reading the facts of this case despite how jaded, how hard you are, it's almost impossible to read the facts of this case without becoming nauseated. it is so gruesome so depraved even people who are otherwise predisposed to opposing the death penalty would have a hard time opposing it. >> it is true throughout the past year defense attorneys i have been on panels with they have said if there's ever a case
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suitable for death penalty it is this one. you saw the jury vote for death in the case of the older defendant. ffz whether or not he was appropriate for the death penalty what his level of functioning was his iq, et cetera. perhaps if he should have received life without possibility of parole. the prosecutor is saying absolutely not we are taking this all of the way. both defendants offered a plea deal for life in prison the prosecutors rejected it. >> was that the right call? oo i think if dr. pettitte wanted it it was the right call. >> what hayes argued to the jury is look giving this guy giving my client a death penalty would be a lighter sentence. he is so distraught and overwhelmed with the heinous crimes let him live it out in jail and think about it every day. the jury didn't buy that one of
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the reasons we shouldn't buy it is because before the trial his attorney was pushing hard to try to get him the life sentence instead of death. >> they were trying to portray him as sort of the innocent of the two the lesser of two evils spare him the real ugly bad guy is this young defendant coming up. >> the s aggravation on the codefendants is still over on hayes. that's why it didn't work ultimately. it's hard to keep them independent. >> we have gone through the information extensive articles but the writing is on the wall here. even this jury struggled in the hayes case. they thought long and hard about the death penalty for hayes. >> the human spirit we saw come out of this case what a remarkable guy to sit there and endure this trial knowing he is going to have to endure another one and all of the repeal cases.
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>> this is the first time they had to bring in post traumatic stress counseling to deal with the jury. >> there was an excellent article on this. >> we are going to move onto the next one. there has been some closure at least for elizabeth smart who describes her nine months in hell during the trial of brian david mitchell. a jury found him guilty of kidnapping and transporting a minor across state lines. mitchell will be sentenced in may. >> he is going to be sentenced in may. his wife an accomplice pled guilty and is serving a 15 year prison sentence. this case went often and on. he was trying to say he was insane and singing church hymns in the middle of the court proceedings. he had to keep stopping the case and saying is this guy competent to stand trial? >> the trial was delayed because
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they found he was incompetent. there was a l a-a lot of questi about whether he was mal lingering. whether or not he has mental health issues we agree he probably does but doesn't rise to the level of insanity defense. >> some people are just evil. >> i do believe he is the face of evil but if you look at what he did during the commission of his crime utah follows unique insanity defense case. they don't follow in tradition to norton test they irresistible impulse test. where you think what you are doing is appropriate you are no it's wrong but you can't control your impulses. it's a guilty but mentally ill. >> what's the outcome of that? >> he would be institutionalized. if and when he is rehabilitated. >> they would let him out. who wants to take a chance and let this animal out that kidnapped a young child?
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>> what happened was the feds stepped in. he took elizabeth start across state lines. as we all know federal criminal courts are much less friendly to defendants than state courts. >> i really like that. >> some people get what is coming to them. >> we don't like that too much. >> a verdict in the long-awaited trial in the man accused of killing chandra levy. >> we don't like justice to be done even if it isn is done it t bring her back. we will never be happy that way.
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usually the very prejudicial -- has a very prejudicial effect and out weighs any probative value. the crimes he did were assaulting women in this park. usually -- >> very similar prosecutor i am the da in this case i brought a lot of this evidence in and i find it very helpful. you bring it in front of the judge you say look he committed these other offenses you say it's not too remote at the time. you do a balancing act but it's a similar mo guys where he is doing the same type of thing women in the park coming up to them committing assaults against them. that's very persuasive that in fact a t similar pattern was us in this case and he's the guy responsible. >> it's remarkable in today's day and age without the science
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they were able to secure a conviction. what this case really speaks about is modern day investigators maybe are too reliant on such forensics. this case should have been solved 8 years ago when it fist broke. >> they interviewed them. it's a hallmark. statutory in federal rules of evidence. there is no allegations he ever murdered any one. he robbed other people and so forth. the snitch we are talking about was a member of the street gang which is one of the most notorious street gangs in the you states. serious credibility problems. >> no legal evidence. it was a miracle they were able to get him. >> it was the right guy. he had his day in court. >> they never get it wrong, do
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they? >> he committed possibly hundreds of burglaries and took them three years to find him. they caught up to the barefoot bandit. colton harris moore is being held in solitary confinement until his trial begins in july. this story people couldn't get enough of it. >> how can you steal planes? i don't understand it. like five or six of them crash them and walk away. it under scores -- >> with no shoes. >> it under cores the deficiency in our national security quite honestly somebody can go steal 6 planes crash them. >> and have a massive facebook following. >> 60,000 friends on facebook. he became a cult phenomenon. >> somebody was counting. >> in a lot of ways that's what makes it a sad case. by all accounts colton harris had a horrific childhood his dad alcoholic physically abused. his mother was a drinker.
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>> we had her on a few times. >> living in the wild at 7 years old. he first committed burglaries to survive stole food blankets. he was brilliant enough to teach himself to fly airplanes. >> knotted too well. >> little trouble with the landing. >> i couldn't even get that far. he learned that by reading flight manuals and working on a computer flight simulator game. very interesting story. probably the only nongrotesque story. you can feel a little good about it. >> hopefully they reached an agreement where he could have a life. he could face life in jail. >> is this a case where leniency is warranted or rehabilitation? >> he is young and has a lot of talent. >> it's the bahamas. umbrella in your drink, buy. >> a grizzly discovery on a beach in new york and police have little to go on.
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>> is there a serial killer on the lose on new york long islands. police making a discovery on the beach. all the police know at this point is the victims were women. no identity, no cause of death,
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no suspects. rod wheeler fox news contributor and former dc homicide detective with me is forensic pathologist dr. michael baden and keith sullivan. let's jump right into that. fascinating case of who done it. people wondering do we have a serial killer on the lose. >> by definition, yes. three bodies make it a serial killer. looks like all four bodies were connected to each other the way they were found the way they were wrapped up. a break will come when one of the four bodies are identified when a person is connected to somebody to connect the body to somebody. that is the issue right now. >> right now tlooesz the few missing persons they are trying to do a dna analysis to determine if one of the b women involved in escort services on craig's list could be one of the
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people right now. >> it is likely they are indeed prostitutes as often happens in serial murderers that they have committed a crime from the national data base. the fbi keeps a national data base and if they can match up the dna with three or four people to the data base it will give police a clue as to investigate the case. >> there are a few other similarities amongst the victims. they are found less than 50 feet apart in long island in which everybody is familiar with which is already one clue in and of itself. this individual or individuals responsible for the deaths of his people is some what familiar with this area probably. dr. baden indicated two of the victims were believed to have ads on craig's list. what police are doing they are checking the ads to see if there are any similarities amongst the
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56 tims. -- victims. in addition police are starting to look at the missing persons reports to see if there is a link between those victims as well as these same victims. >> you have a quick comment on this case? >> i would like to point out what happened here was the suffolk county police of chief he sought the fbi out early on in the case they are using psycho analysis they will study the mo and signature of the murders. many serial killers have been found to be highly intelligent and found out because of mistakes they made along the way. gays son, dahmer and so forth. hopefully 12 months from now we will be talking about this. >> tragic story of three young boys missing since the day after continualing new jers thanksgiving in michigan. >> this happened in late november 3rd boys go missing mother and father are in divorce
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proceedings. the three boys who are 7, 9 and 11, they are big boys, are last seen with the father. they disappear and the police are looking into it now. i think the holidays slowed down the investigation. the michigan police, i think detroit people are handling it should have results on that soon. >> there are a lot more similarities among these as well. not only the parents looked at for having something to do with it the step mother at some point left a ransom note and said she may know where the children are. there is a lot of information to try to cooperate the stories y corroborate the stories of the individuals. >> he had a probable cause hearing he waves it wants to go straight to trial on the kidnapping charges.
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coming up we have a swimsuit designer found murdered in her hotel room. they zero in on the man accused of killing her. 0í÷7]óñññ]zwçt
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i'm casey stegall. rivers are still rising days after days of rain pounded northern australia. it could be a month before the floodwaters dry up. the flooding is blamed for one death and affected 200,000 people. the president of chile urging calm followed a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. officials say they don't expect
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it triggered a tsunami. there are no reports of damages or injuries and federal officials banning american airlines of paring in an investigation involving one of its own planes. n.t.s.b. say american improperly downloaded flight recorder data after a flight went off in wyoming but no one was hurt. back to gerald at large. brightl designer of swimsuits killed in her prime. cache found dead in a posh new york city hotel drowned and strangles. her boyfriend has been charged but police co won't say what th charges are. kinds of strange. >> the grand jury came back with a homicide indictment for strangulation and drowning which is unusual because the initial autopsy, the cause of death
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wasn't able to be determined and they were waiting for toxicology. >> we are still awaiting the results. >> still don't have results of tocks no toxicology. initially using a lot of drugs when she checked into the hotel. >> she had been on something and perhaps mentioned that. >> she said to the clerk she took too much xanax and was acting loopy. she dies. one of the things that drug addicts do is if somebody passes out they will often put them in the water one of the remedies folklore remedies they use. >> of an overdose. >> finding overdose people who are then put into overdose may make an accidental death looks like a homicide. >> have you found that? they are in the bathtub. >> in the bathtub at some time. initially starts to be a homicide. talking the cases they have their clothes on as she did. they will go into the bathtub
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suicide or something they don't have the clothes on. >> usually naked. >> most are in the bathtub naked. >> what do you make of this case? they have got the boyfriend he's the last person with her. there is evidence of strangulation. >> there's more evidence that goes along with that. i have had homicide cases in which i have investigated very similar to this. you have to look at other circumstances that plays into that. the fact that this guy and this woman have had problems in the past and the recent past the fact that this guy probably has not telephoned her within the past day or two you have cell phone records. just broken up this guy has a temper. as a homicide investigator you are going to look at all of these things and take this stuff to the prosecutor and that's where we are going to charge the guy. >> you may get some of the
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toxicology results and so forth. he was arrested on a brand new statute in new york state attempted murder by strangulation because of the marks on her neck. what's fascinating about this is the manhattan da's office is the first to be prosecuting a father and son for separate crimes at the exact same time. >> his father a famous composer. no arrests with the man who was shot on a jet ski and she managed to escape. people were wondering was she making the story up what haptd were there drugs involved? how do you summarize it? >> i could say you came and i listened to some of the interviews this woman gave. i have to blooe her story actually. when you think about it down in the area between the u.s. and mexico that is a highly volatile area. it is what it is. it is not unusual for someone to be shot and killed in that
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manner. the fact that we could not find this body kinds of supports her statement they did something with this body after they killed this guy. i kind of believer what she is saying. >> dr. baden what do you think in terms of the forensics. >> i think if they ever find the remains of this fellow they would identify him and wash up on shore and they will be able to determine they were shot in the head and they will be able to solve this case easily from a cause of death and manner of death. my concern i think that rod mentioned it will be interesting, my concern is if you are shot and you are wearing a life vest shouldn't the life vest keep you floating. >> unless someone takes the body and the jet ski is missing. >> it is standard operating procedure of the drug cartels to feed the bodys to vultures take acid to destroy the body.
1:36 am
it is believed they picked up the body. it is also believed from other gang members the shooter himself has also been killed. i don't think the family will ever have closure. this was bad judgment. this couple used to live in mexico and were relocateed by an american company because it was too dangerous. they went on falcon lake which they used was a heavily trafficked drug cartel area. >> a dangerous area. don't go out there thinking it's all fun and games. >> she was lucky to escape. >> i am surprised they let her go away. >> according to her statement which has been consistent they tried to shoot at her as well. for some reason people are doubting her. >> i think she is lucky. otherwise she is an angelina jolie in the movie salt. >> next story. 10-year-old sara baker just gets crazeyer and crazeyer.
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the 10-year-old girl survives bone cancer she triumphs over a hearing impairment but disappears from her home. let's start with her parents. >> tragic case. tragic terrible case. this tells us that human beings are capable of unspeakable things. unfortunately the prosecution has to rely on the wife to help make this case. what they did is had her enter into a cooperation agreement where she would knotted face life in prisonment. police handed the case over to the prosecutors. they are delaying bringing any charges at this time. they are dealing with the attorney general's office to see if they can vacate that cooperation agreement. >> why dwou think they want to do this now? they developed evidence that supports her cup ability as well. >> they realize they have given her too much of a great deal. >> this happened back in april and april 2010 and they are still investigating the case.
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it sounds like this poor girl from australia had bone cancer had to amp kate her leg she has prothesis comes to the united states, stepmom and the family is very dysfunctional. >> evidence stepmom was abuse i have to her. >> dad was abusive. she disappeared the stepmom finally says she saw the father apparently kill the baby and dismember the baby because different parts of the baby were found -- >> this is a picture of the stepmom here. >> found in different locations of the area. even with -- they phoned the prothesis and some of the bones and they were able to make identification by dna. >> the father who made the 911 call is chilling based upon his callousness. his cavalier attitude. >> these people are animals. they are going to get what's coming. i have 30 seconds. >> i agree with keith completely here. i think the mother and father
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the step mother and the father conspired in this little girl's death. the prosecutors are trying to find away in which they can wind up charging both of them. it's unfortunate anyway you look at it. i am a little surprised the cops were not able to get more of a confession and a quicker confession out of the women. i am a little surprised that, kim. >> disappointing because you would think right away she would flip on them and get the evidence they needed. i am glad they have other evidence they need, too. she needs to be held responsible as well. up next we have the bad boys of hollywood and breaking news lindsay lohan unleashed. stay with us.
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>> where would any show on crime be if we didn't take a look at tinselto tinseltown. who's star has fallen harder than mel gibson. >> you know what mean is now don't you? don't call me mean. >> you are very jealous and you are very mean. >> i would like to show you what mean really is. >> mel is mean but is he a criminal? >> it would appear he was an abusive person. the recent developments where ok santa's dent -- ok -- oksana's has been given immunity.
1:44 am
>> what about her she could be facing charges, too. because she trying to ex tort something trying to make things up. they were doing a dual investigation to see who was the bad guy in this. >> she is winning the publicity award. he is definitely not. >> alexis what do you think about that? >> i think that she is winning the publicity award but i think she is going to win the crime award, too. we have heard from sources she is not going to be charged for extortion. we have sources that say there's no smoking gun there is just e-mails where she and mel were going back and forth and there was negotiations going between the two of em them. not a happy negotiation. >> mel on the other hand we are hearing as soon as his attorney comes back from being out of the country probably this week there's going to be a meeting with the district attorney and we anticipate there may be charges filed against mel for domestic violence. >> you guys have been all over this.
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you had a lot of interesting tape-recorded conversations. you want to tell us how you got that? >> no. >> keep your job tomorrow morning. >> thank you, thank you. >> absolutely. >> those tapes are incredibly damming, and he found like -- sounds like a crazy person. he is threatening her life. he's using all different types of slurs. i think we are seeing this reflected in the fact that he lost his cameo in "hang over2" to liam neeson. he's a time bomb he made homophobic remarks and racial slurs. we don't want anything to do with him. >> mel gibson director, producer, big box office draw we want you out of "the hangover." not a major epic film here. >> not "the passion of the
1:46 am
christ." >> he could use a little bit of the pardon of the christ. >> now we are going to mover on to charlie sheen. he love talking about charlie. he was caught with an adult film star in a new york city hotel at the plaza in 2010. for some reason i predict this will not be the last we hear about charlie sheen and the law. >> charlie sheen, he manages by the skin of his teeth to avoid going to jail over and over again. but eventually it's going to catch up with him. he has violated probation. >> they didn't even prosecute him. i can't take it. what is going on with the justice system. let me throw cash in and call it a day. >> let me go to rehab again. i mean charlie is like the gifted to keeps on giving. there's always a st story about charlie sheen. >> colorado didn't want him back. he has 6 days please go away.
1:47 am
>> he is a cat with nine lives. he has an incredible fan base and people are willing to forgive him of anything whether it's domestic violence or hooking up with adult stars with children in the room next door. >> he has a sobriety coach on the set. as soon as shooting is over he's like beat it. >> i love also like the outrage of his female companion for the evening she was upset she is like no, no don't call me a prostitute. i am an adult film star. >> she is not a prostitute. he damaged her prada purse. we don't know if it is real but apparently he pulled the strap when he was looking for the $165,000 watch she stole from him. >> real prada bags the strap doesn't break like that. where is the watch? she is talking about the strap where is the watch? he accused her of taking the watch.
1:48 am
the cops came she was naked in the bathroom crouched down it was a whole lot of drama. >> he was saying where is the watch? apparently we heard there is a watch out there she has given it to somebody. charlie filed a lawsuit against her to turn over the watch. i think he might eventually get this watch back although he is so cavalier about it. he says you know when you have excessive things you may expect you are going to have to lose them. >> when you buy them on the credit card you have consumer protection you can hoar fy american express or master card with his evening encounter with an adult film star gone terribly wrong. >> lindsay, paris and why hollywood insider don't believe the murder of ronny chase sen
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>> ronnie chasen was shot and killed after leaving a premiere for the movie "burr less can." it is believed harold martin smith fired the fatal shot but a lot of people in hollywood aren't buying the story. there's a lot of skepticism about the ballistics whether or not the guy was on a bike doing some kind of drive-by shooting. the fact that he killed himself made it look like a contract killing. >> there is not a lot of faith in the investigation. they flip flopped said this has none of the features of a random act of violence. all of a sudden it was a random act of violence. they won't explain why there was this erroneous information first delivered regarding the ballisti ballistics. there's not a lot of confidence this is the guy. >> what is your take? >> absolutely. i completely agree. first it did not match then it all of a sudden did.
1:53 am
she was really rip. she had over $6 million. she left most of it to one niece and left the other niece only $10. her brother had a lot of financial troubles gambling a lot of people speculated he may have been the one who hired someone to kill her. no evidence of this but they are saying perhaps the police kept the heat off of him. >> what's a year in crime show without the mention of lindsay lohan? we mention about her every week. the new york post is reporting lohan will be released from rehab tomorrow. predictions for 2011 juliet? what's the over under on this? how many days until she is back? >> i say 30-days i give it. i don't have a lot of faith in her especially after 2010. she even tweeted earlier this year when she failed her sobriety test. we know she will be sharing with
1:54 am
everyone in her attempts to get sober again. >> tweeting as quoting gandhi because the two have a lot in common. she has become quite the philosopher. it's impress i have, right? >> people are saying she is moving out of her apartment to a better apartment. i think the apartment is still in los angeles. i don't think it's in the middle of nowhere where she won't be around any clubs or friends. she has a done of pressure. she has to support her entire family she has to go right back to work in hollywood to make any money at all. >> she got kicked off the cornfield. it's not good. it's like mel with the hangover 2. she is not going to be in the adult film. >> deena doesn't want to work. >> that's a problem. >> need to have lindsay back at it. >> how do you get released early
1:55 am
or get released from treatment, your rehab when you get in a brawl you go wwf on somebody in the hallway good behavior. >> she could be charged for assaulting a worker at betty ford which would violate her probation. >> on a serious note we wish her all of the best. hope she doesn't go back to any of these places in 2011. see if gonedy got through to her. on to another lady of the news. paris hilton found herself in something a little less posh than what she is used to. >> you haven't sentenced to one year in the tricounty detention center. it is not a waldorf astoria. treat this seriously. >> yes, your honor. promise. >> what about hilton? >> what do you think? she seemed like she is kind of cleaned up her act. >> it was smart to take that plie rangement that plea deal
1:56 am
because she made all of the contradictory statement to these at first it's my money it's my wallet it's my lipstick but it is not my cocaine. >> i thought it was gum. >> what was see saying with that? first she said it wasn't her purse then she said i thought it was gum. she admitted she knew something was in there. >> i like it's not my purse one better than it's gum. like chewing gum. i thought that was the winner there. when she got exposed wasn't there a picture of her holding that exact purse? >> in fact it wasn't just a paparazzi photo. she tweeted the picture herself look at my beautiful new purse. that's exactly the purse she got caught with. that is the best smoking gun the smoking chanel purse you could find. that girl is so lucky. only paris hilton gets no punishment what soef and gets to spend the rest of the year in hawaii. >> unbelievable.
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>> she is on probation if she violates it's not that hard for them to violate. they seem to do that all of the time. >> she could face a year in jail. hopefully she doesn't violate. >> we will see. >> charlie sheen is a socialite. >> the chanel bag doesn't hurt. there will be a lot of stories as the year continues in 2011. for tonight thank you for being with me. thanks to the viewers for tuning in. we start off this year with a bang. geraldo is going to be back next saturday. see you there. good night everybody. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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